Diablo Immortal Review in Progress

Diablo Immortal review in progress by Cam Shea, on iOS with iPad Gen 9 (2021).

“I’ve only just started on my Diablo Immortal journey, but I like what I’ve played so far. The combat feels potent and weighty, with plenty of skill options for building out rounded and fun combat approaches. The story moves along at a brisk pace, opening up new zones steadily, while the many character progression systems ensured that I felt like I was always making progress and growing more powerful. And with more than 20 hours of microtransaction-free gameplay behind me, there’s clearly a lot of content to enjoy before you need to consider spending money, so this is very much a game you can try before you buy. Of course, it’s too early to say whether that’s too good to be true for the endgame as well, which is why I’m not yet comfortable slapping down a provisional score here. That kind of thing can cast a dark pall over even a great game.”

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