TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 83: The Calm Before the Storm – Next Stop E3!

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Before the barrage of E3 2021 news takes over, TheXboxHub team are back to fill the void and tell you about some of the latest games on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC – amongst other things. Join Gareth, James and Darren as they delve into Train Station Renovator, Super Animal Royale, Let’s Build a Zoo, Just Die Already, and more. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 83 is also going to deliver a few interesting news items ahead of the big event. So please, enjoy our musings!

To kick off this episode, the trio talk about recently venturing into the world to experience the likes of pubs and cinemas. There’s also been plenty of streaming at home with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, while someone watched a documentary involving David Arquette and his quest for redemption. And if that doesn’t pique your interest, then the idea of a live-action game of Among Us might do the trick.

As for the actual games they’ve been playing, you can expect the good and the bad to be discussed. Find out if they enjoyed tidying up rundown buildings in Train Station Renovator, wandering around and trying to survive in Super Animal Royale, and the arcade-y infinite running of Sure Footing. That’s not all though, with Let’s Build a Zoo beta, My Child Lebensborn and Just Die Already given time in the spotlight too. 

In regards to the news, an experiment saw an exceptionally large number of people successfully coexist in a server, a follow-up to Two Point Hospital has been leaked, and Square Enix wants people to suggest names for their Pride mascot. Unsurprisingly, Santa Monica Studio confirmed that the next chapter of God of War has been pushed back. 

And finally, the Metacritic inspired quiz returns for one final outing, with James and Darren battling for the ultimate bragging rights. Who wins this last encounter?

Feel free to comment on anything discussed in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 83 or ask any questions for us to answer in future episodes!

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