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After nailing Rock Band for many years and having provided a dancing experience in Dance Central that allowed the music to continue to flow, there were high hopes for what Harmonix were going to do with FUSER – their DJ ’em up, when it launched at the back end of 2020. For the most part they delivered too, but that’s not stopped them from continuing to enhance the base game with a plethora of new DLC. Now though it’s time for the Harmonix team and the FUSER world itself to step up to the next level, with the introduction of the Diamond Stage. 

The Diamond Stage in FUSER comes about thanks to the free Headliner Spotlight update, which gives players the chance to prove themselves as the headline act on the new Diamond Stage. It is this floor which will let players show their worth in front of more than 250 friends and fans, as they play in real-time to a baying audience. 

To gain access to this headline spot, you’ll need to pay for the privilege, and that is where the new Diamond Shop and in-game currency comes to the fore. Harmonix are keen to stress that at no point will you be able to use real-world cash to work the bright life, but this does mean there is a new in-game XP economy and currency to concern yourself with. 

Diamonds themselves will be able to be earned by participating in events, either through playing the game as is through the single player campaign, via freestyle or in the multiplayer modes. You’ll earn further Diamonds for voting too. But why do you need these? Well, the Diamond Stage itself comes with a variety of slots, which you’ll have to pay to be seen on. Expect the most high profile of slots to come at a higher price, so if you’re looking to headline on a Friday night, as opposed to a wet Tuesday morning, you best ensure those Diamonds are in your pocket and ready to be spent. 

If you do utilise the power of the FUSER Diamond Stage, then you’ll also be shown on the new FUSER Twitch channel. This will run 24/7, letting the very best FUSER players showcase their skills to the biggest audience possible. 

That’s not all though and there are also updates to the player DJ profiles, there’s a stronger, more robust Recommendation Engine built-in, and Twitch Drops are fully integrated into the game, even for those on Nintendo Switch. Throw in a new lower price point for the game – just £34.99 for the Standard Edition/£69.99 for the VIP Edition – and this new Headliner Spotlight update and Diamond Stage could be just the boost the FUSER community are looking for. 

If you don’t yet own the game, head to the digital store of your choosing in order to grab a copy. You’ll find it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

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