Black Legend mixes turn-based strategy with 17th Century alchemy

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Are you ready to enter the maddening mist? Warcave have launched Black Legend on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. 

A strategic turn-based RPG, Black Legend sees the team at Warcave provide gamers with the chance to head back to the 17th Century, as we take in an adventure that has been directly inspired by the folklore and tales coming straight out of Belgium and the Netherlands. 

It thrusts you into the cursed city of Grant as you take charge of a team of mercenaries looking for treasure, quests and fights – against both cultists and menacing monsters. Gameplay wise and Black Legend will have you needing to draw on your very finest strategic ideas, as you work old school vibes and a tactical take to find success. Combos are a huge part of how this plays out too, letting you mix up ranged and melee combat with a bit of alchemy for good measure, whilst full character amendments and customisation will immerse you further. 

With the city of Grant housing legends from folklore, numerous paths to take and a range of difficulty levels, should you be looking for a new take on the turn-based RPG, Black Legend could well suffice. 

Features include:

  • – Explore the ruined streets of Grant, a 17th century city based on the architecture of the Low Lands. Aid the resistance in their struggle against the Mephistian Cultists.
  • – Uncover the history of Mephisto, a menacing Alchemist who brewed a maddening fog, and clouded the entire city.
  • – Fight using bodily alchemy based on the old concept of Humorism. Master the four different instabilities and combine them with Catalyst Attacks to deal massive damage to enemies!
  • – Unlock 15 playable classes, each capable of learning unique abilities and handling different equipment. Master them, synergize with other units and become the ultimate liberator of Grant!
  • – Customize your journey, from a forgiving experience for the story lovers, to a hardcore challenge that punishes every mistake

We highly advise you to check out our full review of Black Legend on Xbox first and foremost. From there though it’ll simply be a case of heading to your favourite digital store and grabbing a download. The Xbox Store will sort out Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, whilst those preferring to play on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or PC through Steam will be suitably rewarded. 

Let us know what you think of this tale once you’ve had a play with it. The comments are below. 

Game Description:

Lead a squadron of Mercenaries into the accursed city of Grant and aid a surviving resistance in fighting against a deadly cult of fanatics. Eradicate the fog that shrouds the streets and inflicts madness among the populace in this thrilling alternate history Turn-Based Strategy RPG!

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