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In the foreground, a Christmas cracker in harlequin colours wearing a jester's crown tears itself open. It has a pained grin on its face. Out of it bursts slips of papers saying things like 'PC GAME HUMOUR', 'GR8 JOKE', and 'BIG LARFS'. In the background, Horace the Endless Bear sits on a throne, wearing a crown and ermine robes. He does not appear to be amused.

Every year Graham opens the secret panel in the back of all our heads (with a little screwdriver) and removes our batteries so we don’t cause any trouble over the break. On January the 4th he’ll put new ones in, but to keep you amused until then we’ve left you a little Christmas cracker with a joke inside. There’s one for every day of the break! You can find articles you might not have read, or help cover the cost of fresh batteries, with the RPS supporter program.

Now, time to enjoy your lovely joke!

Q: What was 2020’s most delicious sci-fi co-op adventure?

A: Journey To The Sausage Planet

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