Fall Guys leaves a Santa costume in your stocking this week


Fall Guys is in the midst of its snowy third season, meaning there are all sorts of costumes and other dress up goodies to earn by playing enough. Here’s one reward you can earn just by logging in though, so long as you do it by Christmas. Mediatonic have left a full on Santa costume in your inventory for you, announced with no less than a silly, live-action commercial.

If you’re just looking to snap up this red suit, hop into Fall Guys right now and check out the outfits section of your inventory. The big red coat top and bottom should be waiting for you to pull on before you go falling down any chimneys. You’ll have access to it if you log in between now and this Friday, December 25th.

The information comes by way of, for some reason, a live action advertisement that publishers Devolver Digital had made up.

I will say that of all the things Mediatonic post, from Big Yeetus to that horrible anatomy of a Fall Guy, a Fall Guy mascot costume is actually pretty cute. I am not horrified by it, which is in itself a treat, I suppose.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I play Fall Guys so irregularly (read: badly) that I’m not exactly swimming in costumes. I enjoy when I play, but I’ve yet to make it to the very end of a seasonal reward track and I’ve never ever won a crown. You might say my wardrobe is limited, so a fun free costume is just what I’d have put on my Fall Guys Christmas list if I’d thought to make such a thing.

You can spot some of the other costumes and obstacles currently in game in this here season three trailer. It’s on now and runs through the end of February, so even I might have enough time to shovel up some of those rewards.

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