PlayStation 5 Review

Luke Reilly reviews Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. Find out how what this colossus lacks in subtlety it makes up for in potential thanks to its rapid SSD and remarkable new DualSense controller.

The IGN PS5 review will cover our first impressions of the PS5 console, the new PS5 UI, the PS5 controller—better known as the DualSense controller—and much much more.

The PlayStation 5 console is easily one of the largest consoles ever, and you can’t really appreciate its size until you see it in person. Our review highlights our PS5 hands-on impressions, including the console’s look and feel in the flesh as well as potential ways it could fit in your home entertainment setup.

The PlayStation 5 user interface (PS5 UI) will also be thoroughly discussed in the video and will highlight new navigation features like “cards.”

While the video does have PS5 gameplay footage from Spider-Man Miles Morales, it’s merely used to talk about how the PS5 specs and PS5 SSD are going to revolutionize loading in next-gen games.

Finally, the review will touch on the new DualSense controller. This new PS5 controller is shaping up to be one of the standout features of the PlayStation 5. For more on the DualSense, be sure to check out IGN’s separate in-depth review of the PS5 DualSense controller.

We hope you Enjoyed our IGN PS5 console review. Be sure to stick around for more Playstation 5 coverage. And for all your PS5 news, PS5 gameplay videos, PS5 game reviews, and all next-gen console reviews stay tuned to IGN.

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