Fall Guys Gets Review Bombed, Then Un-Bombed


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released today, and thanks to a successful beta, lots of people were excited to play it. So many, in fact, that the game has been experiencing server issues, which makes it difficult to play and enjoy.

The server issues made users understandably frustrated, but rather than wait for the issues to get sorted, some bombarded the game with negative reviews on Steam

After posting about the review-bombing situation on Twitter, something unusually nice happened. Fans counteracted the negativity with positivity, bringing the game’s overall user score back into “mostly positive” territory.

While this may seem like a feel-good story from one angle, the whole situation also highlights questions surrounding user reviews, like how they can be effectively implemented to inform others and share experiences, rather than being wielded like weapons.

And speaking of Fall Guys reviews, we have one in the works, so check back for that in the coming days.

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