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Key art for Death Of The Outsider, showing protagonist Billie Lurk leaning on an engine with lots of levers. There are large metal hand wheels on either side of her, as well as two large backlit windows.

Dishonored is one of my most favourite game series, even with the spelling. In it, you creep and sneak and elegantly stab your way through a part-steampunk, part-magick city (both aspects derived mainly from whales) and its political intrigues. And Death Of The Outsider, a standalone expansion that takes place after Dishonored 2, is that most rare of things: a satisfying ending.

In this, the age of leaving things open in case the suits order a new series, it’s not often you get an ending where you think “Yes. Yes, I will be happy even if there are never any more Dishonored things.”

Of course, it is also a very good game in its own right. Billie Lurk, even though she gets her own array of spooky assassin powers, just feels more practical than the previous protagonists. It’s fitting because in Death Of The Outsider you take on the task of dismantling the Outsider’s powers, trying to remove the thumb that tips the balance for some but not others. You’re taking the magic out of the world, almost.

My favourite level is the return to the Royal Conservatory. You see it in Dishonored 2, full of witches and plants and cases of curiosities. The old ways are starting to fade in Dishonored 2. Only old ladies still sit in the dark carving charms out of whale bones. And when you go back in Death Of The Outsider, you can see the change to the world of science writ upon the building. It’s full of bright spotlights, scaffolding, and all the cabinets are covered in dust sheets. It’s wonderful. And a little sad. I’m the sort of person who’d get her granny to teach her the bone carving.

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