Ghost of Tsushima Consists of Three Regions and Over 40 ‘Diverse Biomes’


Ghost of Tsushima counts as Sucker Punch’s most massive project to date in terms of both scope and scale. Though it is set on the real Tsushima island, no one should anticipate a 1:1 recreation. Instead, the studio has crafted an open-world that serves as a tribute to the island’s many facets. Still, the world itself should prove quite sizable, with three different regions boasting over 40 “diverse biomes.”

Environment Art Lead Joanna Wang shared new details about Ghost of Tsushima’s gorgeous world in a recent PlayStation Blog post. Split into three regions, the map features dozens upon dozens of biomes. In the role of Jin Sakai, players will venture through flourishing forests, frozen landscapes in mountainous terrain, and swamp lands. Sucker Punch crafted each of the game’s myriad locales based on personally taken photo references, films, paintings, travel posters, and more.

Every location boasts its own identity, most notably contingent upon the region in which it resides. One example Wang offers concerns Akashima, a “healing town” in the wetlands that’s replete with moss and a lingering mist.

Spread across the dense open-world are “hundreds of points of interest.” According to Wang, the design philosophy hinged on the idea that if a player can see it, they should be able to reach it. Apparently, there are but a few exceptions to this rule.

Wang’s post further explains that “two pillars” stood firm during Tsushima’s creation–“natural beauty and manmade order.” The natural beauty is evident in many of the game’s trailers and screenshots. In terms of “manmade order,” players should expect to happen across the likes abandoned structures, fortified castles, and forgotten shrines. Exploring these various landmarks and countless others is sure to prove rewarding.

Preloading is now live for Ghost of Tsushima through the PlayStation Store. The base game weighs approximately 34GB, while a few patches add another 9GB or so to the tally. Sucker Punch’s latest will release in full next week on July 17th for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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