Sakurai: “I understand as well…there are too many Fire Emblem characters, & there are also too many sword users”


A new issue of Famitsu also has a new column from Sakurai. Sakurai dedicated a good chunk of the column to the first Fighter’s Pass that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received, while addressing the criticism that was made in response to Byleth’s reveal. Sakurai reminded people that Nintendo had picked the characters, and that they were not decided by “my own favorites”. Because they were decided like this, Sakurai says that “I just proceed as-is. There are other things I must think about more”. That said, Sakurai not only understands the criticism some fans have, but he even agrees with them. Sakurai admitted that “I understand as well. There are too many Fire Emblem characters. And there are also too many sword users”. In fact, the amount of sword users is exactly why Sakurai says he “brings in tactics exclusive to each fighter”. A tweet that relayed the news and translated it to English is down below.

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