4K Snake comes to Xbox One with the release of Classic Snake Adventures

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Snake, one of the most played games of all time, has come to Xbox One. But this isn’t the old classic you remember. This has been rebooted, hit with 4K visuals and totally remade to launch under the title of Classic Snake Adventures.

For years there has only been one snake to worry about on console – that of Snake Pass’ Noodle – however right now it’s time to embrace the past and enjoy the classics as Classic Snake Adventures launches on Xbox One.

Priced at £7.49, Classic Snake Adventures on Xbox One will ensure that those classic mobile memories from years past are thrust to the fore once more, taking everything that was great about the original game before seeing it hit with remade 2D and 3D art, brushed with some gorgeous 4K add-ons and reworking the mechanics in the process.

I won’t bore you with the basics as anyone and everyone who has ever lived should know all about how Snake plays out, but with 100 stages spread over 5 worlds, and 20 bosses to slither your way around, whilst the basics are still there, Classic Snake Adventures certainly looks to deliver a little extra.

Features of Classic Snake Adventures on Xbox One include:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn 2D art rendered in 4K
  • 3d snake that bends and grows.
  • Map with 5 beautiful worlds
  • Lots of gameplay, 100 rounds, 20 bosses.
  • World leaderboard.
  • 14 trophies
  • A state of the art game with the beloved retro gameplay of snake 97.

Will you be found slipping and sliding your way through Classic Snake Adventures on Xbox One? The Xbox Store will happily provide the relevant download, whilst our upcoming review will be able to deliver the finer details. Let us know your thoughts though.

Game Description:

A 4K reboot of the classic retro game snake introduced in 1997. Remade with gorgeous hand-drawn 2d art and a 3d snake. The snake’s mechanics are completely new. This 3d snake can bend, and change size and speed during game-play, something you won’t see in any other snake games. A state of the art game with the retro beloved gameplay of snake 97. Nibble your way through 100 amazing rounds in 5 worlds with 20 different bosses! The quest is easy: avoid all obstacles and eat the remaining fruit. The reptile will increase in size and speed after eating, especially if you eat the meat. Soda can make you smaller again. If you touch a turbo booster, your speed will increase rapidly for a few seconds, so try not to crash! Bonus letters appear during your nimble quest. You better get them because if you complete the word ‘bonus,’ then you will get your hearts refilled and fat bonus points.

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