Borderlands 3 – how to farm red chests in the Rare Chest Riches event


By Sherif Saed,
Friday, 31 January 2020 11:06 GMT

We have a simple route you can follow for maximum farming efficiency in Borderlands 3’s Rare Chest Riches event.

The new Rare Chest Riches event has kicked off in Borderlands 3.

Available until February 13, Rare Chest Riches greatly improves your chances of receiving Legendary loot from any and all red chests.

Red chests typically spawn at the end of boss fights, so the easiest way to farm them is to fast travel to any boss you want to fight, defeat them and open the chest. You can repeat this process as many times as you want by quitting to the main menu and reloading.

Red chests also spawn all around Borderlands 3’s massive world, so you should visit any of the existing spots you already know and open them. There’s, however, an easy, repeatable route that lets you quickly hit three red chests.

How to farm red chests in the Rare Chest Riches event

Go to Pandora, and use The Droughts‘ main fast travel station.

  • Your first stop is the hidden room behind Marcus’ vending machine. Head to the Marcus Munitions icon on the map, and drop down to find the chest.
  • Next, head to Ellie’s Garage. Go left of the garage, jump on the flattened cars until you reach the roof, where you’ll find another red chest.
  • Put the chest behind you and look to the horizon, then drop down and follow the road. Keep hugging the left rocky wall until the road splits. Look up, you’ll see Ellie’s billboard, climb the rocks until you reach the top. You’ll find the third chest in the car boot/trunk.

Once you’ve hit all three, quit to the main menu and reload the game so the chests can respawn.

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