Rumor: Doubts Cast About Recent Resident Evil 8 Rumors, Supposedly About an Old Build


Earlier this week, rumors ran amok about a potential Resident Evil 8. Supposedly, the speculation was derived from tips concerning a past playtesting event held by Capcom. According to said rumors, the next mainline entry will feature Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan, first-person perspective, wolf-like creatures, and the appearance of Chris Redfield. Now those very same claims are being called into question. Reportedly, the recent speculation concerns a project that’s since been rebooted; as such, they’re no longer representative of whatever RE8’s final build may entail.

Twitter user AestheticGamer, who’s been right about Resident Evil tidbits in the past, noted as much in a brief series of posts. AestheticGamer says they’re certain the next RE entry won’t look as previously described. While the news about Chris and the villains allegedly align with other things the insider has heard before, AestheticGamer knows nothing of the werewolf details.

Either way, “this isn’t the direction RE8 is going in,” the AestheticGamer added. Since the aforementioned testing began after the project’s alleged reboot, there’s no way of knowing what Capcom intends to scrap or carry over into the next phase of development.

AestheticGamer’s thread begins with the following tweet:

As is always the case, take the above unsubstantiated claims with a grain of salt. While fans await official word on the next mainline entry, at least there’s another Resident Evil experience arriving in the near future. Resident Evil 3‘s remake will hit stores for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on April 3rd.

[Source: AestheticGamer on Twitter]

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