Nioh Ships Nearly 3 Million Units Ahead of Sequel’s Release


Today Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh, which came out back in 2017, has shipped 2.95 million units since its release. The announcement came from a live stream that Koei Tecmo held today. While the live stream was mostly about Nioh 2—specifically the game’s co-op and its character customization options—a quick moment was taken to talk about Nioh‘s continued sales. Koei Tecmo mentioned that Nioh continues to be a top seller for the company and that it still seems to have quite a bit of life left in it.

Nioh‘s continued sales are certainly impressive, though it’s not particularly hard to see why. The game manages to combine elements that players of the Souls series have come to love with the item drops and exotic loot hunting of action-RPGs like the Diablo series. It makes for a fun combination that many players have enjoyed, several of whom got a chance to first play it when the game was part of the November 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup. There’s no word on if the 2.95 million shipped total includes those copies redeemed through PlayStation Plus, but traditionally this wording means shipped to a retailer, not full sell-through to the consumer. It’s unclear how the PS Plus promotion factors into this data.

On March 13th, 2020, Nioh 2 will launch, seeking to improve on the original game in many ways. Besides the aforementioned co-op and character customization, the game will present a new story in a feudal Japan overrun with monsters. Last year, Team Ninja held an open beta session for Nioh 2, allowing players a first look at the game providing the developer feedback on what features and difficult segments had to be tweaked for the full launch. The game will also get a trio of prequel DLC campaigns post-launch, though not many additional details are known at this time.

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