A Heavy Dose of the ’90s in Cardpocalypse, Now on Xbox One

Xbox One

Talk to any kid in the early ’90s and the ’90s absolutely sucked! There was a hole in the ozone layer, war was popping up all over the globe, they had lost the voice of our generation in Kurt Cobain, and parents were just the worst. 

But talk to those ’90s kids now and the decade rocked! Blossom, Pogs, Ren & Stimpy – it’s never been bettered before or after. A lot of the bad stuff filters away and all of the boring in-between times have vanished from memories. Nostalgia, that painful longing for the past, was once treated as an illness but now we wear it as a badge of honor, triggered by a song or a film or a toy.

With our latest game, Cardpocalypse, it wasn’t enough to only poke at people’s nostalgia, we wanted to grab it by the Hypercolor t-shirt and, like Kris Kross before us, make it jump, jump. We wanted to remind the players about what it was like being a kid in the 90’s, more than any Buzzfeed listicle could. Remember the time your favorite game got banned in school, or when that one kid called the teacher Mom? Back when you couldn’t look up cheats and tips online, but had to wait for the latest games magazine to come out (or sneak a costly phone call to the hint-line). 

We’ve filled the game with all the vibes that made being a ten-year-old so fun, those years before teen cynicism creeps in and clothes become blacker. Our theme song draws from afternoon cartoons like TMNT and Pokémon, and every champion has their time in the spotlight with super fun character intro music – some of the tunes absolutely wail. We’ve packed the artwork of the game with as many easter-eggs as possible which should provide eagle-eyed players with an abundance of warm “oh my god, remember that” moments. The game-within-a-game, Mega Mutant Power Pets, is our tribute to the trading card games that we grew up with, many of which and inspired us to start making games in the first place. And the stories and quests are like a time capsule of our collective memories at school all told through Jess’s first week at Dudsdale Elementary. 


There’s been an over-abundance of ’80s themed retro and the timing seems right for ’90s reminiscing to have it’s day in the sun, we’re mega-thrilled to have Cardpocalypse as a part of this. It was such a fun time to relive while creating the game. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come before we start seeing the “you were a child of the ’20s if…” articles or until “OK, Millennial” starts becoming a catchphrase. One thing’s for sure though, nostalgia will never grow old.

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