Netflix’s The Witcher Is Currently One of the Most ‘In-Demand’ Streaming Shows in the US


According to data shared with Business Insider by Parrot Analytics, Netflix’s The Witcher is currently the third most “in-demand” streaming shows in the United States, just behind The Mandalorian and Stranger Things. The company tracks content consumption, engagement, and viewership across multiple platforms around the globe.

The Witcher, which debuted on December 20th, is a bit of an interesting case in that it didn’t woo critics over but got an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. Prior to the release of the first season, many speculated that the general public – especially fans of the books and video games – would prove to be a lot more critical of the show than professional critics but reality is quite the opposite.

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Witcher currently holds a 58 percent approval rating after 62 critic reviews but the average audience score sits at a whopping 93 percent. Such was the difference in opinion between both sides that even showrunner Lauren Hissrich took to Twitter to address the divide.

“Many people have sweetly written me, upset about The Witcher reviews,” she tweeted. “Know this: Who do I care about? ‘Professional’ critics who watched one episode and skipped ahead? Or REAL fans who watched all eight in one day, and are starting their rewatch? I am f****** THRILLED.”

Hissrich was referring to Entertainment Weekly critic Darren Franich, who admitted to watching the first episode and skipping straight to episode five before labeling the show “a borefest,” which resulted in viewers rebuking Franich’s approach to the review.

That said, Hissrich has much to celebrate. The Witcher is off to a great start and there’s more to come.

Toss a coin to your Witcher, 

Oh valley of plenty,

Oh valley of plenty.

[Source: Business Insider via IGN]

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