Save the flying islands from all evil as Aborigenus launches on Xbox One

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aborigenus xbox one

It sells itself as being a short adventure platformer that combines in RPG elements and thrusts you into a primal world in order to try and save the flying islands from pure evil. Sounds good eh? Well, Aborigenus is available on Xbox One and to seal the deal, it’s super cheap to purchase too.

Available to purchase and download this very minute on Xbox One, Aborigenus is the latest cheap and cheerful little title to rock up onto Xbox One, all in order to provide a short and sweet little adventure that will probably be done in an evening or two.

Priced at just £4.19 – and even then there’s a launch discount on that knocking it down to just £3.14 – Aborigenus on Xbox One sees you playing the part of a warrior of a peaceful tribe; a tribe who has seen their members enslaved by evil invaders. And this means that you are the last hope, so working as either a Hunter, Shaman, or Warrior, it’ll be up to you to head on out into this adventure, learning new abilities and skills, and taking down the whole army ahead of you.

If you wish to try and save the flying islands from all evil then heading to the Xbox Store will see you able to get in on the action. With such a low price point this is surely a game that is well worth a look.

Our full review will be able to sort you out in the days ahead, but for now grab that download and then head into the comments below to let us know what you think f this super cheap Xbox One adventure.

Game Description:

“Aborigenus is a short adventure platformer with RPG-elements in a primal world.You are the warrior of a peaceful tribe, your beloved and relatives were enslaved by invaders. Your clan sent the best warriors to save the people, but nobody has returned. You are the last hope of your fellow tribesmen. Hunt the aggressive fauna, learn new abilities and fight with the whole enemy army. Choose who you are – a shaman, a warrior or a hunter. Can you save the flying islands from the evil?”

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