Danganronpa Creator’s Death Come True Launches in Japan in 2020


Yesterday, developer Izanagi Games unveiled Death Come True, a full motion video (FMV) game from Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka. Kodaka is directing and writing the project, which will launch on an unspecified 2020 release date in Japan. Details about a potential release in other territories have not yet surfaced. Additionally, it remains unclear which platforms the title will be available on.

While the studio is still mum on some details, Death Come True’s lead actor and premise have at least been revealed. Actor Kanata Hongō, pictured in the featured image above, will play the title’s protagonist, Makoto Karaki. The actor has past history with another Kodaka creation, having voiced Ryota Mitarai in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School.

As far as Death Come True’s story is concerned, a brief synopsis from the game’s website teases what to expect. Kodaka’s new story will see Makoto Karaki suddenly wake up in a hotel with no recollection of previous events. In fact, Makoto doesn’t even remember his own name, nor does he have a clue as to why he’s sleeping in a hotel room. Turning the news on, however, reveals something rather shocking. Makoto is wanted for supposedly having committed a series of murders.

This serves as only the beginning of Makoto’s strange discoveries about himself. He also has a “Time Leap” ability, allowing him to jump into the past. While there, the character will come face to face with his own death. Of course, being a criminal on the run will not make processing these revelations any easier. Still, Makoto will have no choice put to push forward, making decisions and encountering the horrors of his own death to uncover the truth.

According to Kodaka, Death Come True represents the first “interactive content” in Japan. In combining film and games, this project aims to deliver a compelling story that rests on the back of player choice, which span out into multiple possible endings.

[Source: Izanagi Games via Gematsu]

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