The Grand Finale to the Metal Saga in DC Universe Online

Xbox One

Ready for the epic conclusion of the Metal saga? Metal Part II, the new event and episode from DC Universe Online is now available on Xbox One! It’s jam-packed with new maps, bosses, and rewards inspired by the Dark Multiverse. 

Travel to the hawk
planet of Thanagar, a brand new open-world map, to stop the Phoenix Cannon from
destroying Earth. Thanagarians have the massive gun aimed at Earth in order to
prevent the merger of the Dark Multiverse with ours. It’s up to you to convince
Thanagar to help Earth instead of destroying it.

DC Universe Online

Go beneath our world
and into the new Dark Multiverse Forge of Worlds map to confront the Dark
Knights and the Bat God himself, Barbatos. Earn new rewards like
Hawkgirl-inspired Battle-Hawk gear and the Green Lantern-inspired Damaged
Lantern gear. Defeat Barbatos to sever the connection to the Dark Multiverse
and save all of reality!

In addition to the new event and episode, DC Universe Online’s Winter Seasonal Event is returning December 1 – December 31. Larfleeze is back this winter and his greed can’t be satisfied. Find and recover stolen gifts before the Holidays are ruined. There are new winter-themed style and base items to earn!

DC Universe Online

New to DCUO or just looking to dive back in? We’ve got you covered! You can download DCUO for free from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold subscription required). Once you start the game, choose your morality and mentor, then your power, weapon, and movement to use in battle. After that go ahead and create and customize your unique character, and then start your adventures in the iconic DC Universe! Once you reach Level 15+, you can play the all-new Metal Part II event!

Metal Part II is available on Xbox One starting December 5, 2019. The episode is free to access for members or available for purchase in the in-game marketplace. The event portion will be available free to all Xbox One players level 15 and above until our next episode releases.

DC Universe Online

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