Bungie Details Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Roadmap


During Destiny’s upcoming Season of Dawn, players will need to stop a council of Cabal Psion Flayers from tinkering with time and reversing their victory against the Red Legion. During this season, players will be able to participate in a couple of different holiday events and unlock two new Exotic weapons.

If you have one of Destiny 2’s current season passes, you’ll be able to play Sundial, which is a new mode that lets you fight the Niruul boss. In January, the legendary difficulty of Sundial unlocks so players can acquire the Devil’s Run Exotic sidearm.

Then, on January 28, the Bastion Exotic quest starts, which will let players earn the second exotic weapon of the season. The full season will also see the Elimination PvP mode return as well as a a couple returning PvP maps, and other new quests and bosses. If you’re still playing Destiny 2, you should have plenty to do for the next few months.

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