Fortnite Chapter 2: Complete the swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and Hydro 16


By Lauren Aitken,
Monday, 2 December 2019 08:06 GMT

There’s a new time trial challenge to complete in Fortnite this week as you swim your way to victory around the map.

For this challenge, you’ll need to take part in swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and Hydro 16. For those not in the know, Hydro 16 can be found at the coordinates D7 and E7 at the big lake at Misty Meadows. It’s a big dam that feeds into Slurpy Swamp below.

As with previous time trials, you’ll need to keep your eyes out for the glowing blue clocks. Interact with it to begin the trial then follow the route to complete the challenge.

Complete the swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and Hydro 16

You’ll need to complete two time trials to complete the challenge. The first can be found West of Lazy Lake and Hydro 16 can be found just northwest of Misty Meadows. You can also complete a second challenge by eliminating three opponents at Hydro 16, so it would be a good idea to use Party Assist with a friend who’ll take care of opponents while you swim a few laps.

To get a boost while your swimming, spam the jump bar so you’ll jump and dive out of the water, which helps you swim a little faster.

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Season 1 has been extended to February 2020, so you’ve got plenty of time to complete these challenges.

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