Samsung’s 1TB 860 Evo is Amazon’s Black Friday SSD deal of the day, now just £95


If you’ve been holding out for a really great Black Friday SSD deal this week, then your patience is about to pay off. For the next 14-odd hours, the 1TB Samsung 860 Evo is down to a record-low £95 in the UK, which is a saving of around £40 compared to its price for the last six months.

The Samsung 860 Evo has been our best gaming SSD recommendation for absolutely ages, and is easily the fastest and best 2.5in SATA SSD in its class. It’s also the first proper deal I’ve seen on the 1TB version this week. Over the last couple of days, it’s mainly been the 500GB model that’s had a Black Friday deal on it, which is still at an all-time low of £59 at time of writing. However, given today’s big saving on the 1TB model, the 500GB model isn’t quite as enticing as it once was.

That said, I should also point out that the 1TB Samsung 860 Qvo has also been £95 over at Overclockers UK for the whole of this week. This SSD actually produced faster random write speeds than the 860 Evo when I had it in for testing, and was only a fraction behind its Evo sibling in my random read speed test. However, it’s also worth pointing out that the 860 Evo has a much higher endurance rating than the Qvo, coming in at 600 terabytes written as opposed to just 360 terabytes written on the Qvo, which probably just about swings it in the Evo’s favour in terms of overall value.

Either way, they’re both fantastic SSDs and each one will probably serve you perfectly fine regardless of which one you might decide to go with.

Meanwhile, over in the US, the 1TB 860 Evo is still $110, which it has been for the majority of the week. That’s still an all-time low price, I might add, so it’s still worth picking up if your PC’s in need of a storage upgrade. That said, the 500GB 860 Evo is a more tempting $58 right now, putting it just below its UK counterpart.

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