Unboxing and first look at the LucidSound LS10X Gaming and LS1X Chat Headsets for Xbox One

Xbox One
lucidsound ls10x and ls1x xbox one

LucidSound have been on a bit of a charge in recent years, providing numerous new gaming headsets to those plying their trade on various platforms. Two of their most recent additions are that of the LucidSound LS10X Advanced Wired Gaming Headset and the LS1X Chat Headset – want to take in a quick unboxing and first look at both.

Thanks to LucidSound we’ve been given the opportunity to go fully hands-on with both the LS10X and LS1X headsets, with a full review of each just around the corner. For now though it’s the first look we’re interested in, with an unboxing of each headset seeing us delve into the details of each; the 50mm drivers, mic boom, and overall design of the LS10X and the one-cup design of the LS1X Chat.

Join us below as we check out the designs, the feel, and everything that is found within each box, taking in some very early initial impressions as to how both the LS10X and LS1X come across.

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So, without further ado, join us as we take in an unboxing and first look at the LucidSound LS10X and LS1X headsets for Xbox One.

If you like what you’re seeing and wish to pick up either the LS10X or LS1X, then heading to LucidSound direct is probably your best bet. The bold links above will whisk you straight to the relevant pages.

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