Naughty Dog Hiring for Its Mysterious and Ambitious Online-Related Project


During its most recent blow out of news, Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us Part II will not launch with a multiplayer suite. However, an online project of some fashion is still in production at the studio. What it will entail remains to be seen, but it will apparently deliver a Factions-like experience. While Naughty Dog has yet to offer further details, the studio appears to be hiring for this very venture. A recent job listing for an Online Systems Programmer indicates as much, as does a Twitter post from Lead Game Designer Vinit Agarwal.

As a reply to a job listing post from the Naughty Dog Jobs Twitter account, Agarwal noted the following:

Agarwal’s talk of the online-centric project’s ambitions goes in line with Naughty Dog’s previous announcement. In addition, Agarwal’s words match what former Naughty Dog Game Director Bruce Straley has said he knows about it.

The Online Systems Programmer role appears in a listing on Naughty Dog’s Careers page. As expected, the listing doesn’t provide much in the way of concrete information. It merely hints at “new online features” and support for a “large player base.”

Since the studio’s announcement of the multiplayer project, speculation has run rampant. Some fans seem to think it could turn into a multiplayer-only experience for The Last of Us, completely independent of the sequel. Of course, no one will know anything for sure until Naughty Dog and Sony are ready to lift the veil. Who knows how long that could take, especially since the sequel was recently delayed.

The Last of Us Part II will finally come to the PlayStation 4 next year on May 29, 2020.

[Source: Naughty Dog Jobs on Twitter via VG247]

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