Get 2XP For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare When You Buy From Walmart, Along With MegaXP on Select Products


We often see various retailers partner with game publishers to try to entice consumers with a wide range of purchase bonuses. This year, Walmart might have the upper hand on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a 2XP bonus for purchasing through the retail giant. Buying Modern Warfare from Walmart will grant you three hours of double XP in the game, giving you a bit of a head start when it releases. Not only that, but you can also get 2XP codes from select products purchased at Walmart like Mountain Dew, Game Fuel, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, and Slim Jim products. Keep in mind that XP is earned across all game modes in Modern Warfare for a unified experience, and this double XP applies to playing everything.

The hype for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is ramping up ahead of its October 25, 2019 release. It’s a gritty reboot of the beloved sub-franchise, with many much-requested changes coming our way this year. One of the biggest changes will come to its multiplayer, with the departure of the long-running Prestige system from previous installments, which allowed players to reset their level progression upon reaching 55. Instead, the game will incorporate a Battle Pass-like system after level 55 that continuously pumps out content similar to other successful live-service games like FortniteApex Legends, and now even Destiny, resetting Seasonally to add new rewards to chase.

That also means that Activision and Infinity Ward will be ditching loot boxes entirely, and has stressed multiple times that this isn’t some bait and switch where it will be headed to the game later. You’ve likely heard about much of the controversy with randomized in-game loot boxes, so it’s no surprise to see the community embrace the new system of rewards that can be chased directly.

If you aren’t interested in getting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from Walmart, you can still preorder it through Amazon. Will you be getting your copy with a boost from the beginning?

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