Trover Saves the Universe Free DLC Lets You See Where He Works, Interact With his Boss


It’s always good to get more content for a game, especially for free. Offering up exactly that, the Trover Saves the Universe free DLC will have you exploring his job and interacting with his boss.

Going under the name of Important Cosmic Jobs, the DLC features a more slice-of-life styled section for the game. While the main game may be about Trover going on an intergalactic quest to save both his dogs and the universe, this time around he’s simply at work trying not to get fired. You’ll get a chance to explore his office and meet the people that he works with, which, knowing the humor in store, will certainly be an interesting bunch of characters. You also need to deal with his “insane boss.” The PlayStation Blog post, written by Squanch Games co-founder and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, promises that “it’ll be just like real life! Only less depressing!”

In addition to getting to mess around with Trover’s job, Important Cosmic Jobs will also feature a new mini game called Space Slam. There are no actual details as to what Space Slam is or how you play it. In fact the blog post even jokes that it’s not sure why anyone would care because no one knows what Space Slam is, but it’ll be available to play. New animated sketches are also available to watch using a VCR player, such as one labeled “flower juice.” Knowing Roiland’s humor… we’ll just let you discover that one for yourself.

If you don’t already own Trover Saves the Universe, the game is also going on sale for 15% off. The game is a platformer that can be played with or without VR, and has you guiding Trover through various combat challenges and puzzles. We got a chance to check it out back at E3 2018. Trover Saves the Universe is developed by Squanch Games, who also brought Accounting+ to PlayStation 4 back in 2017.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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