Enter Now – Neverwinter: Uprising Gift of the Tailor Pack Code Giveaway on Xbox One!

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Neverwinter: Uprising Gift of the Tailor Pack Giveaway

With the Neverwinter: Uprising update hitting consoles recently, we’ve decided there’s no better time to launch another of our giveaways. This time, we’ve got a load of Gift of the Tailor Pack codes available for Neverwinter: Uprising on Xbox One. So the important question here is, who would like one?

Neverwinter itself is a free-to-play MMORPG that’s regularly evolving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC featuring both fast-paced combat and epic dungeons, as well as boasting vast environments to explore whilst battling all sorts of enemies. The Uprising expansion – following the Ravenloft update – is set in the domain of the Mad Mage, Halaster Blackcloak, and welcomes the gith as an all-new playable race as they continue their never-ending struggle with the tyrannical illithid, a.k.a. mind flayers, in the depths of Undermountain. Uprising also introduces a host of new features to Neverwinter on console, including an all-new 10-player endgame Trial, new PvP content including gear and a map, a refresh of Protector’s Enclave, a recrafted tutorial and early-game experience and much, much more.

Our codes for the Gift of the Tailor Pack will allow you to instantly acquire all sorts of in-game items. These range from possessing the “The Tailor’s Muse” title and owning a Tailor’s Filigree Cloak, to receiving five injury kits and the Stone of Health. There’s also the Adventurer’s XP Booster, which we’re sure will be of great interest to any and all Neverwinter players. It’s super easy to be in with a chance of getting a code; would you like to know how?

Well, it’s free to enter and Neverwinter: Uprising is free
to download and play on Xbox One, so you’ve got nothing to lose really by
taking part. All you need to do to get hold of a code is follow and tweet us a message on Twitter,
or pay our Facebook page a
visit, giving it a like and then sending us a private message. Any of those
processes will do, and feel free to spread the word about this giveaway too.

Codes will be given out on a first come, first served basis,
and we’ve got 50 to distribute.

To Redeem Your Code on Xbox One:

  1. Go to https://www.arcgames.com/en/code-redemption, and follow the instructions on that page
  2. Link your Xbox account to an Arc account, if you haven’t already.
  3. Log in to your Xbox account on an Xbox One, download and install Neverwinter
  4. Begin a new character and complete the tutorial if you have not done so
  5. Reward can be claimed at the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave

 *Please be aware these codes are only eligible for the
Xbox One version of Neverwinter and expire on 31st December, 2021.

Don’t delay, you know what needs to be done and we hope those fortunate enough to get a code enjoy their Gift of the Tailor Pack!

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