Facebook Integration Is No Longer Available On PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 users will no longer be able to use Facebook integration to share content or connect with friends, according to Sony’s support website.

As of October 7, the video game publisher has yet to give a reason for the split from the social media giant, but it assured fans that the console’s share feature will remain unchanged. However, severing ties with Facebook eliminates an entire network of people to share content with.

“PlayStation 4’s share features will remain the same, except Facebook will no longer be offered as a destination to share screenshots, video, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts,” reads Sony’s support page.

Those who relied on the console’s Facebook integration to connect with friends will have to readjust. Players can no longer connect with their Facebook friends on PlayStation 4 and will have to find a new profile picture for their online PlayStation accounts. 

If you’re having issues with your PlayStation account, be sure to check Sony’s support page for how to update your profile and how to share content without the use of Facebook.

We have reached out to Sony for a comment.

[Source: PlayStation via Kotaku]

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