Get A Cap For Chain Chomp In The Mario Tennis Aces October Tournament


Nintendo and Camelot have revealed the bonus for October if you compete in the Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament.

If you participate, you’ll be able to get a special cap for Chain Chomp. The colours include yellow (250 participation points), red (500) and green (1000). The Shy Guy Train Tussle is also making a return. The goal-clear bonus allows you to unlock a blue (2,500 coins), green (10,000) or yellow Shy Guy (20,000). Take a look below:

Mario Tennis Aces might have been a little light on content when it was released last year, but since then it’s received a number of free updates adding new characters, new modes and even a new opening cinematic.

Will you be participating in this month’s tournament? Leave a comment below.

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