Experience the Many Facets of Life Once Arise: A Simple Story Arrives in December


During last week’s State of Play broadcast, Arise: A Simple Story was announced. The beautiful art and interesting premise immediately garnered attention, though details were scarce. At least now the picture is a tad clearer. Arise: A Simple Story will come to the PlayStation 4, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One on this coming December 3rd.

In addition to unveiling the title’s launch date, publisher Techland Publishing and developer Piccolo Studio also unleashed a brand-new trailer. See the video below for a glimpse into the emotional journey Arise: A Simple Story intends to take players on in just a couple of months’ time:

Arise: A Simple Story is a tale about life, its myriad ups, downs, and everything that just so happens to come in between. Players will begin their journey at a funeral pyre. Afterwards, the player-character will find themselves waking in limbo, guided forward by a bright light hovering over a mountain in the distance.

During the journey to the snow mountaintop, the player will relive moments from the main character’s life. Some will be joyful memories. Meanwhile, others will be sad or haunting, as evidenced by the new trailer linked above. The premise, at its core, focuses on reflection, something the developers at Piccolo Studio wanted to explore due to their own life experiences. From the looks of things, this exploration of life and its many triumphs and tragedies will be quite interesting the interesting experience. Hopefully, more details surface as the release date draws near.

[Source: Techland Publishing via Gamasutra]

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