The Wireless SNES Controller For Switch Unlocks Super Mario World Sound Effects

SNES Controller PAL

The SNES Collection for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers has a lot of fancy built-in features such as the ability to rewind games, re-order games, play online with friends and save your progress at any time. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the wireless Super Nintendo Controllers though, you may or may not have noticed one extra little thing.

When using this controller within the SNES app game menu, the standard sound effects you hear will be replaced with ones from Super Mario World. While it’s nothing too crazy, it’s perhaps one extra reason why you should consider picking up the new version of this gamepad.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t get one of these controllers when they were made available on Nintendo’s website, you might have to wait a while as a number of regions have now sold out. For more information about this controller, check out the Nintendo Life guide.

Were you surprised when you heard Super Mario World sound effects in the SNES app’s menu? Did you manage to get one of these controllers in the end? Leave a comment down below.

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