Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Takes The Franchise To VR


Respawn announced today that the revered Medal of Honor franchise is returning with a VR title, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, exclusive to the Rift. As an allied agent with the OSS, you’ll travel to many important WWII locations across Europe to bring down the Nazis.

Embracing the potential and power of VR, the experience appears to be a tactile one – you’ll heal by mimiking the motion of jamming needles into your body, pull the pins off grenades and throw them with real velocity (no crosshairs or big circles show you where it’s landing!), and pick up guns from the battlefield. Learn more in the video below!

A full story gallery gives players context to the game’s real-world inspirations and showcases settings and environments with commentary from veterans of WWII.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is scheduled to arrive in 2020.

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