Experience the Aftermath of an Earth Ravaged by Humanity as a Fox in Endling


Imagine the world in the aftermath of its destruction, ravaged by humanity’s mistreatment of Mother Nature. Now, imagine it from the perspective of a mother fox trying to ensure the survival of her three young cubs. This is the premise behind Endling, an “eco-conscious adventure” presented as a 3D side-scroller. Publisher HandyGames (A Rat’s Quest) and developer Herobeat Studios just announced the title for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One. It’s currently slated to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

Accompanying Endling’s announcement is an intriguing teaser trailer. Check it out below:

Earth’s last mother fox rests at the center of Endling’s seemingly thought-provoking narrative. She cares for her three small cubs, each of which will grow throughout the experience, becoming larger in size and more distinctive in personality. They’ll need to be fed along this journey of survival and carefully watched after, especially due to their differing needs. One may have fears the other two don’t harbor; meanwhile, certain personality traits of another may require a certain level of understanding. At the end of the day, there remains one key goal: Survive. Should the mother succeed, the hope is that she’ll take her cubs to a safe place uninhabited by humans.

In exploring the 3D side-scrolling world, the mother fox will lead her young through environments devastated by real-world concerns. Hunting other wildlife to feed her cubs will additionally be of utmost importance, as she also avoids becoming sustenance for larger predators. All of the above will require the fox to rely on her survival instincts, while simultaneously making “emotionally taxing decisions.”

[Source: HandyGames via Gematsu, Steam]

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