Dataminers Uncover Evidence Of Unreleased Super Mario Party DLC

Super Mario Party

Just about every Nintendo title during the Switch generation seems to be receiving updates and DLC. Games like ARMS and Mario Tennis Aces have received a large amount of free content, other titles receive expansion passes and last week we found out Luigi’s Mansion 3 would receive paid multiplayer updates.

So why did Super Mario Party miss out on additional content and was anything extra ever planned for it? According to a dataminer by the name of Ziella and their associate justcamtro, there might have actually been plans for DLC packs and even a season pass of sorts. Here’s the apparent evidence within Super Mario Party’s code:

A screenshot of an unused board was also dug up. The source believes it could be an early version of Kamek’s Tantalising Tower or perhaps a concept for a Super Mario Odyssey board.

It’s a surprise Nintendo didn’t release DLC for Super Mario Party. When the game arrived, it sold better than expected – shifting 1.5 million copies within its first month. President Shuntaro Furukawa said it was a return to form for the series and mentioned how Nintendo expected it to become an evergreen title.

Were you hoping Super Mario Party would receive DLC? Would you rather a sequel? Leave a comment below.

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