Yet Another Batman Tease from WB Montreal Sparks State of Play Reveal Speculation


Following a cryptic Batman Day tease, WB Games Montréal has unleashed yet another hint for its next project. This one takes the form of some icons, the same ones seen in the previous video. Again, the Court of Owls sits at the center of attention. However, it seems Ra’s al Ghul may feature in some capacity too, as a Demon’s Head symbol appears in the most recent tease. Especially intriguing about the latest hint is the timing of it all, which fans online have quickly taken note of. Tomorrow is Sony’s next State of Play broadcast, set to go live at 1:00pm PST. Microsoft also has an Xbox event scheduled for the same day. Could the new Batman game premiere during one of the streams? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

The latest look at what may be a Court of Owls-starring Batman title hit the web just hours ago. WB Montréal’s official Twitter account posted the following tweet, complete with what could be the game’s tagline, “Capture the Knight.”

A total of seven images flash during the brief video, many of which directly allude to the Court of Owls. However, the fourth image (pictured in the featured image above), is clearly a demon’s head. In Arabic, Ra’s al Ghul’s name roughly translates to “head of the demon,” and he’s canonically referred to as such within the comics and multiple iterations of the DC universe. This suggests that whatever WB Montréal has going on won’t solely star the Court as lead antagonist. The secret society may share the role with one of Batman’s classic rogues.

Again, timing is just as important as the tease itself. WB Montréal’s above tweet represents the second post of its kind in as many days. In turn, fans are wondering if this may indicate a reveal during tomorrow’s State of Play. After all, Sony previously said it has “new game reveals” in store for the 20-minute broadcast. If a new Batman title is on the docket, the upcoming show may be one for the history books, especially since The Last of Us Part II is already looking to be one of the week’s highlights.

[Source: WB Games Montreal on Twitter]

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