Save Gotham City In Fortnite’s Batman Anniversary Event

Batman X Fortnite

Epic has announced a special Batman 80th anniversary event for Fortnite, and it runs from now until 8th October.

This limited-time crossover event brings Gotham City to Fortnite and will even give you your own Batman cape. You’ll also have some “wonderful toys” at your disposal and there are various Batman-themed cosmetics to collect along the way.

A Rift Zone has brought Gotham City to Fortnite. Of course, it wouldn’t be Gotham City if villainy didn’t come along with it. This POI lets you be the hero the citizens of Gotham City need by giving you your own Batman cape and the power of Glider Redeploy!

The Batman Caped Crusader Pack comes with the Batman comic book outfit and the Dark Knight movie outfit. A Catwoman outfit will be available as well, and there are also heroic challenges available until 1st October. Completing these challenges will earn you free rewards from the “Welcome to Gotham City” bundle and there’s a Catwing Glider up for grabs.

You can view the full patch notes for version 10.31 on the official game site. Below is a trailer promoting the latest event:

Will you be booting up Fortnite to fight crime in Gotham City? Tell us below.

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